Monday, January 25, 2010


Well we’ve been over a week in Quartzsite and it is time to move on. I’m not sure if today is the best day to head out since many others seem to have the same idea and I imagine the line up at the dump station will be long. However, after eight nights, we have no choice in the matter. I noticed a low tire so we’ll have to find an air hose somewhere in town before we depart. We’ll take the truck in to do emails and post this blog and look for an easy hose to access with the trailer on.
We’ve had a memorable week here. The mother of all storms came through with incredible winds and rain. Several units were blown off their blocks and I heard of at least one camper laid over on its side. The flash flooding was something to behold. Every low spot was awash in muddy flood waters almost instantly. The most amazing thing was how quickly the water stopped when the rain ceased falling. I heard Flagstaff just north of Phoenix got 2-3 feet of snow in a short time. I guess the California coast really had the storm do a lot of damage.
We went to the RV show several times and wandered most of the RV lots in town peeking around. The only thing of much value we bought was a Honda 2000 generator to help out on cloudy days when the solar system can’t keep up. We did buy a few more socks and t shirts as they are so cheap here.
Several games of Mexican Train were played including twice with eight of us. Aileen was the winner last night with eight. I managed a win the other night when four of us played. On Friday night we went to the La Casa Mexican restaurant for a really good supper but we were over an hour waiting for a table. And then we almost lost out on that as Aileen saw them giving the table to a small group who had come in long after us. The waitress tried to say they had called our name several times but she lied since all eight of us were sitting closest to the door and we’d pretty much run out of conversation by then. The restaurant was a mad house but as I said, the food was worth it.
I went on a few small ATV rides here but the storms meant not too many days of good enough weather. Aileen and I went on a longer ride yesterday through the hills west of the camp site then eventually along the frontage road beside the freeway and again over the hills to home.
We are heading south today, by passing Yuma on the east side then taking I-8 to Gila Bend then south to Ajo. From there we thought we’d cut through south of Tucson and explore some of the country south east of there before heading back to Florence the end of this week or beginning of next.

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