Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The good news is that my computer in recovering, the bad news is that it wasn’t finished so I couldn’t take it on this trip. I was able to go to my computer and download my camera cards before leaving so that part of the computer is working fine again. There was still some work required on the internet end of things.
We left Florence at 9:16 Sunday morning and were here before 2 PM. It was 315 kms and over 100 kms were through greater Phoenix. It is a huge place to drive past. I could have bypassed it by going via Gila Bend but we plan to go that way on the return so didn’t want to use the same route both ways. There is a large number of RVs close in where we are but very few further out. There are a large number of BC people here and as I was driving through town before the camp ground met Wayne Wolfe from near Salmon Arm who I used to work with. Today I met Keith from Florence who Jim and I rode with a couple weeks ago. He is distinctive as he has an old Springer Spaniel type dog who rides behind him on the ATV.
We’ve been several times to the RV show in the big tent and wandered around some of the other displays and booths. We bought a Honda 2000 generator this afternoon to help us when the solar panels don’t get enough sun. There is so much “stuff” that one doesn’t need at these shows. The crowds do seem larger this year and sales seem to be doing better also.
We are parked with my aunt and uncle Jacquie and Jim, their son’s inlaws Maurice and Dian and Maurice’s brother and wife, Ron and Arlene who are all from Sorrento. The other three didn’t bring their ATVs so I am on my own ATVing. We’ve had a couple games of Mexican Train, once with four and once with eight playing. Last night I was at J&J’s working on a jigsaw puzzle while the wind buffeted us well. It had poured for awhile earlier. We do miss going to the pool and hot tub every night but are enjoying the change of pace.

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