Saturday, May 30, 2009


A snail Jacquie spotted in a hawthorne tree

A buck we spotted as we were leaving Kekuli Bay camp last Tuesday morning...........................................
May 28, 2009
We are in a period of beautiful weather; lots of sun but not scorching hot. We took the trailer in yesterday and had a larger regulator and the third solar panel installed. The installer claims to finally have the gauge reading within ¼ of an amp accuracy. The numbers on the gauge were pretty impressive so we hope it’s true. Next week when we hit the trail will begin to tell the tale. We’re back at Jacquie and Jim’s and plugged in for now. We’re getting spoiled!
We were invited to go out to Jim’s claim today but had too much to do here so had to decline. They said there was still lots of snow out there plus lots of water running all over from the snow that is melting. I went online and entered my prints in the PSA International Exhibition in Yellowstone. I also put quite a bit of time in on the family reunion process. This afternoon we did several errands in Salmon Arm. We keep meeting old friends all over in our town visits. Aileen had a good visit with her friend Donna yesterday. I did errands then and after lunch had a visit to both the massage therapist and the chiropractor.
May 30, 2009
Well my back is feeling okay but I’m back having leg pains. My guess is Sciatica. Glad we’re getting into the “Golden Years”! We ordered a second spare trailer tire the other day for our trip north and picked it up today. We made our last stop at the storage unit today also as they are closed Sundays then did more errands around town. Yesterday was also busy with last minute things. Mitzy had a grooming appointment and looks very spiffy in her summer styling. Aileen and I cooked supper for Bev and Kevin last night and we had good visit. We received a call yesterday afternoon inviting us to friends Del and Bill’s 54th anniversary so that’s where we spent this afternoon. It was great to see them and be able to join in their celebration.
We’ve been in this area about 7 weeks and didn’t get to see many of the people we’d hoped to. If we missed getting together with you, sorry. Today I had to do some rearranging to fit three more boxes in the outfit. Maybe we should have gone the canopy route rather than the tonneau cover so we could stack higher? We are enjoying the better visibility of no canopy though. As always, it seems there are tradeoffs. We’re still planning a Monday morning departure and looking forward to some new adventures and scenery in the north country. Thanks to friends who read the blog and either comment or email us. It’s great to hear from you.


  1. And a damned fine dinner it was that you cooked for us! Still mmmmming about the shrimp kebobs. Kev was trying to conjure up more strawberry shortcake from the fridge tonight to no avail. Wasn't willing to go to the store for supplies so I guess he's out of luck!

    Glad you're getting everything so well organized. It gets easier to tote everything after the first year, they say... heeheehee!

    Remind me to show you the sciatica stretch that took my pain away.

  2. Love the pictures. We've just spent the
    weekend Randy's birthday at Englishman River
    Falls Park. Not very full for a weekend.
    Weather is beautiful & we'll be shortly
    complaining about the heat!
    Have a great trip North!
    Randy & Wendy