Tuesday, May 19, 2009


False Solomon's Seal

Wild Strawberry



Mare's Tail

Poison Ivy, I believe

Striped Coral Root

Oregon Grape


Volunteer Apple


Don't remember


Wild Cherry

Volunteer Apple buds..........................................................................................................

I managed a fairly good number of shots of the various plants and flowers that are growing along side the road close by when I went out after supper the other night. The mosquitoes nearly ate me alive though. I will include some of them with this post. They were taken within a few hundred metres of where we are parked, all along the little road called Abbington Lane.
Aileen has been having trouble with some kind of bug or allergy for the past while and yesterday was a real down day for her. We had planned on heading down the Okanagan today but the forecast yesterday was pretty grim for today so we decided to hold off another day. This will give Aileen more time to improve as well.
I did a batch of printing yesterday, getting enough prints to enter the competition at the PSA International Conference in West Yellowstone in September. If I’m attending the conference, I like to enter the print competition and hope to have some accepted so I can see them hanging with the great work of other entrants. I feel this is a good way to evaluate your own work. I’m looking forward to this conference. I have signed up for Yellowstone Park tours all five week days and there are well known presenters each night. This conference differs from previous ones in that there are very few daytime programs, but tours instead, and big name presentations every week night instead of just two or three of the evenings.
We were to town this morning and it rained quite hard for a little while. Just a few spits out here in Tappen but the sky is very black so maybe we’ll get it yet. Jim’s been seeding lawn so is hoping for some precip. to help it get started.


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