Friday, October 24, 2014


And it is a pretty spot too.  We moved down here on Wednesday after a night in Wells.  We had heavy winds and rain our last night in Mountain Home and for the start of our journey when we left on Tuesday morning.  The drive south from Wells was great as it is a beautiful highway.  The road surface is excellent and very light traffic so it made for a relaxing drive.  There were several degrees of frost at Wells so it was good that I had disconnected the water hose the night before.
We are staying a week in the Alamo RV Park.  That’s pretty unusual for us but the weather is about perfect here and there are thousands of geocaches in the area.  We are less than 100 miles for Las Vegas where the temperature is much warmer.    We are about 760 kms from our winter lot in Caliente at Florence, AZ but I think we will take three days to do the run.  The plan at present is to leave here Wednesday the 29th and arrive in Florence on Friday the 31st.  We all know how loose my plans are don’t we?
I cached along the Extra Terrestrial Highway yesterday finding 106 caches, my largest day ever.  Today, I cached closer to home and settled for 41.  I did more photography and exploring today.  I may go back to the ET tomorrow or perhaps something else will strike my fancy first.  

Interesting cloud on our drive south on Wednesday

Rolling along down the Great Basin in Nevada

Who else should at the start of the ET Highway than old ET himself

There were 82 ET caches before the road made a turn.   I biked over half of it riding up hill caching then coasting back to the car and moving it further along the road.

There were some nice Joshua Trees along the way

There was a geocache on top which I got

Then I had to climb up the other side for another.  Can you see my car way down there below the first hill?

I think this is a Side Blotched Lizard

From the same spot, I zoomed in to 1200 mm equivalent then put the digital zoom to its maximum of 200 times.  Canon SX50 of course, as are all of the above.  The shots below are from my Canon 6D.

A late afternoon yesterday shot of the hills above Alamo on the east side

And a morning shot today

The hills to the west are an amazing variety of rock formations

Lots of hidey holes here

And another shot of the hills above Alamo taken from the south early this afternoon

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