Saturday, September 3, 2011


We're house sitting for our daughter and son in law over the long weekend while they have an end of summer vacation.  It was quite a chore deciding what to bring to town for the four nights and in the end we brought both vehicles to carry it all.  Since Bev has three dogs and two cats, the inclusion of our cat and dog make for a real houseful.
We've been enjoying the fresh fruit and produce at the local farmer's market this year.  Local watermelon and cantaloupe are ready now and excellent flavour.  I went to the largest fall fair in the region yesterday in Armstrong.  The Interior Provincial Exhibition is the 114th and is the second largest in the province.  While waiting in line to enter, I got chatting to a young couple behind me who turned out to be from Port McNeill and the guy worked with both brother in law John and cousin Donna's husband Ken.  I only recognized two people at the fair.  One used to work at the same place I did and the other used to belong to my camera club.
We visited my Aunt Eleanor and Ron last night after supper then I jumped in the hot tub when we returned to Bev's.  It is very nice to be able to use the hot tub then have a shower and go to bed rather than driving home somewhere.
I'm trying Blogger's new format with this post so will be looking to see if it looks any different after its posted.