Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Some roadside grasses in flower

I notice several of the people reading my blog are interested in photography.  I’d like to invite those who are interested in learning more about this exciting hobby (or career) to click on and learn about The Photographic Society of America which is the largest organization of its kind in the world.  The fastest growing segment of the membership is outside of North America.  The group hosts great conferences every year alternating mostly between the eastern and western US.  I will be attending this year in Colorado Springs while next year is San Francisco and the following year will be Portland, Maine.  There are many activities one can participate in including print and digital circuits, competitions and there are several special things for new members such as mentoring and online courses.  If by any chance you happen to take out a membership in PSA, please list me (John Pickard) as your sponsor.  Thanks in advance.

Plain old grass can be beautiful at times but it is often overlooked because we tend to see just grass instead of looking close to see what is taking place in their life cycle

We are enjoying a slower pace this visit to the Shuswap.  We don’t have a huge list to accomplish like most times.  We’ve managed to catch up with a few friends so far. Aileen visited her friend Donna this morning.  Donna, who is a writer and artist, is a great fan of this blog.  I’ve helped my Uncle Jim install drywall in his new shop for the past two days.  I think we will finish tomorrow.  It has been nice parking here at Jim and Jacquie’s as they installed a 30 amp RV service and a sewer dump.  Water is also available but with a long hose until the shop is completed.
We went to daughter Bev’s (and Kev’s) one night for supper and we were there tonight to use the bath tub for Aileen and the hot tub for me.  It felt great.  My aunt in Hope, BC is having a tea on September 10th, in honour of her son who drowned while swimming recently.  We had planned to begin our trip south that day but I’m hoping now to postpone one day so I can go to the tea.  Bev has offered to go with me and we should be able to get home at a reasonable hour. By modifying our route, Aileen and I can leave on the Sunday (the 11th) and still meet our planned commitments along the way. 
Mitzy and I went for a drive out to Wild Rose Bay on Shuswap Lake the other day.  This is part of the little community

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion about the photo group. We may or may not take advantage of it, but it sure is nice to know we have the opportunity!