Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Tahsish Lake after a walk and scramble through downed trees

We climbed up through the logging slash to avoid returning through the downed trees

Momma Bear is trying to spot us 

Baby Bear is heading for safety

Yep, it is steep

I spun out a couple times in 4x4

John gets a little air

John and I went for our last ATV ride on Sunday up to Tashish Lake and did some challenging water bars.  The idea of water bars is to protect the integrity on the semi abandoned roads so they don’t cause erosion.  Unfortunately, some of the machine operators appear to have it in for ATVs and dig far deeper and steeper than is required in an effort to restrict ATV access.  Anne and John’s son Dennis had been given some sockeye salmon so he barbequed one for our supper.  It was very tasty.
We left Cluxewe campsite before ten Monday morning and stopped for our lunch at the visitor center at Sayward Crossing.  Mitzy and I went for a walk while Aileen had a rest.  She was driving the car while I towed the ATV trailer.  We arrived at cousin Bill’s at Willow Point mid afternoon and his friend Doug arrived minutes later.  Doug had a look at our back up camera and put some caulking inside the cover just in case that was the source of our bedroom water leak.  We ran a hose on another suspect area for over three hours but not a drop of water appeared inside.
Aileen cooked a nice supper for Bill, Doug, Gay and I then we visited the evening away.  Tuesday morning, we visited Heather who we bought the motor home from.  Heather has a beautiful condo with a great ocean view.  Aileen loved it!  Heather’s sister Sharon and Earl who we met in Cluxewe last year also came over so we had a great visiting time.  Last night we had supper with Charlie and Sheila and some family and friends here.  Later some of us played SkipBo and had a good time.
I drove to Victoria this morning and picked up our son Richard and granddaughter Georgia who will spend the next six nights with us.  The weather is beautiful here and we hope it will continue for us over on the west coast all weekend.


  1. Your close up pictures of the bears are a little closer up than I'd like to be. =) How wonderful it must be to see so many beautiful places. With kids starting school in a few days, we are tied to one spot for a while. Safe travels.

  2. We've never had the experience of riding one of those ATVs. I think I could enjoy it just a wee bit, but Suzy's spine could never stand the jolting ride. Sure can get you back into some wonderful places. Good bear pix!