Monday, March 23, 2009


Sitting Lady Falls - Metchosin

Great Blue Heron - Witty's Lagoon

Georgia enjoying the beach at Witty's Lagoon

A much doctored photo of a seagull

A creek on the way to Port Renfrew
We had a good supper the other night with R,R&G. Yesterday morning we moved a little closer into town to All Fun RV Park in Highlands. It is actually cheaper than the $24 at Goldstream Park since we don’t have to use propane for the furnace or fridge. We then met R,R&G for lunch in Metchosin at My Chosen CafĂ©. There was a 20 minute wait for a table but the food made it worthwhile as it was excellent. After lunch Robin went off to do errands and the rest of us went to Witty’s Lagoon. It was a long walk down but pretty nice, also the sun was out and somewhat warm. I was surprised to find a largish waterfall along the way – Sitting Lady Falls. We were so late getting R&G home that Robin had a nice supper ready for us. We went to the ice cream parlour across the parking lot for a treat when we returned home.
Today we drove out to Port Renfrew and the wet coast lived up to its name as the farther out we got, the wetter it became. We went to The Coastal Kitchen in Port Renfrew for a nice lunch. We met a couple from the Yukon there who we’d seen along the road and got chatting. Pretty soon they joined us at our table for an hour and a half chat. It was great getting to know Bob and Edith who invited us to visit them if we make it that far north this summer. They live about an hour from Whitehorse off the power grid so are quite solar savvy. They’re on their way south not wanting to get home until mid May.
Tomorrow we will make our way back up to Parksville as we have several people we want to connect with before we leave the Island.