Friday, June 23, 2023



It has been four years since we were last up to the north Island.   We are here for about 2 ½ weeks.  We had a nice sunset the first night.  BIL John and I have gone a couple hours south twice geocaching out in the old logging roads and have enjoyed meeting hardly any other people out there.  Aileen got to see a couple of cruise ships go by on their way back to Vancouver from Alaska.

Friendly crow.

Pulteney Point lighthouse across the water from camp.



Otter enjoying crab dinner.

Otter enjoying crab dinner.

Otter enjoying crab dinner.


Song Sparrow.

Western Sunset cruising by.

Bald Eagle.

Immature Bald Eagle.


Bald Eagles above the office at Cluxewe.

Female Common Merganser.

Cluxewe sunset.

Cluxewe sunset.

View from the motorhome.

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