Friday, May 26, 2023



We decided that it was time to trade in our RZR 570 for a smoother ride.   The dealer happened to have just what we wanted in the showroom and made us a decent offer for our old machine.  We did have to buy a new trailer to transport it though as the new machine is a foot wider.

Since our ATV club was having a ride and supper at Crump Forestry site on Saturday, we decided to take the motorhome up and spend three nights here.  It was so nice to wake up to absolute quiet except for the bluebirds chirping.  New club members Doug and Ann, from Oliver, joined us today with their Class B motorhome and their quads.  We went for a little ride after lunch.

My knee is improving but I’m still not walking very far.  I try to not stand for long either.  There is a bluebird nest close by so I have taken my chair over closer to it a couple times and sat there waiting for some action.

This is a practice run for our larger trip which is scheduled to begin June 8th when we head over to Vancouver Island for a few weeks.  In a rare move, I have reservations for five nights in one location and over two weeks in another.

Neighbour's cactus

Another neighbour's cactus.

Aileen's pansies.

Wild rose along the river.

Say's Phoebe.


Purple Peavine.


Brown-eyed Susan.

Our new ride.

Set up at Crump forestry site.

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