Thursday, June 3, 2021


 Actually we moved in about a week ago so we've been busy.  We have the storage container about empty so it will soon be returned.  The temperature the past few days has been fairly warm for this time of year but our high of 36C/99F yesterday is supposed to drop to 20C/68F by Saturday.

Most of the boxes are emptied now except for my work room which is awaiting shelving.  It will be a challenge to make it all fit once I bring down the boxes of matted prints, many framed that I have stored at Karen's.  I may have to do a major purge somehow.

We are slowly gathering furniture but it's quite the challenge these days with back orders and shortages.  Beds for the guest rooms are in stock but about a week and a half away for delivery.  The dining room table and chairs are probably two months out.  That's our second try at buying a set.  The first one was cancelled because the only available table was found to be damaged when received at the store and a replacement would be some time away.

Pano shot looking down our street.  Our car is visible just past Aileen, if you look closely.

Brown-eyed Susans

Sunset over our house and McIntyre Bluff

Lots of swarms of newly hatched bugs these days up along the river

Eastern Kingbird



Mr and Mrs Wood Duck




Pretty Boy Mallard

Wild Roses

Pano of McIntrye Bluff and the Okanagan River.  The river is straight here, creating the pano in the phone gives the illusion of a corner.

Okanagan River and McIntyre Bluff

Wild Prickly Pear Cactus starting to bloom

Our new kitchen

June 2 at 5:52 pm

Mock Orange

Mock Orange blooming on the hillside across the Okanagan River

Mock Orange


  1. Are you two going to your place in Arizona? By the way, you take the pictures! Thanks for that. Rawn Stone

  2. Congratulations - finally in your own home! Looking forward to seeing you next time I visit Bev, assuming you are not off galavanting at the time. Jean.