Tuesday, May 18, 2021



Wow, been a long spell since I posted a blog.  While I’ve posted quite a few photos on Facebook lately, there just hasn’t been enough for a blog.  We have been on pause forever, it seems.  We did finally get the keys to the house on May 14th.   However, there have been a few bumps in the road since then.

The promised clean and ready to move in house didn’t happen.  The drywaller made such a mess then because it wasn’t cleaned up properly, the other workers tramped through it for weeks.  The cleaning lady they hired came back last Saturday evening and we watched her mop the floors five times changing the water each time.  Even after five, the water was still dirty.  The walls hadn’t been wiped down well either and shelves and tops of doors and cupboards still had a layer of drywall dust on them.

We pointed out lots of issues when we had out walk through on the 14th and as the floor got cleaner, more issues popped up such as scuff marks.  Aileen finally started cleaning herself and has about eight hours of cleaning in so far.  While doing that, she has found more items like glue spills, scratches and other marks.  We clearly aren’t impressed with the quality of clean up by the company.

Our internet is scheduled to be installed tomorrow, Wednesday.  The bed comes Thursday and the appliances Friday.  They should be hooked up next Monday.  We have been moving some stuff in but have been holding back waiting to hear what they plan to do with the floor.  If nothing happens soon we’ll get the rest moved in and if it needs moving, they can look after it.  As far as the layout of the house, we are very pleased how it turned out.  Aileen is looking forward to using the kitchen.  After the appliances are in I will post some photos.  I will say it is 1323 sq. feet, three bedrooms and two baths.

As for the rest of our time, we have continued to work around the yard and gardens here at Karen’s.  She tells us the yard hasn’t looked this good in years so she’s pleased.  We still get out for our walks most evenings and Aileen for her earlier walks.

First trailer load moved to the new house

Karen and Bev were our first company and we had our first meal on the deck

Karen and Sydney visiting while Aileen gardens

A friend gave Karen some Fall Crocus bulbs and there turned out to be hundreds if not thousands


Sunset through the Acacia tree at Karen's


The carport and deck being added on to our house

Karen's Wisteria that she planted about fifty years ago

Pink Dogwood

Wet Wisteria


  1. Despite the hiccups progress is being made and your home looks lovely. Eager to see the finished results. The flower snaps are beautiful!

  2. Lovely home. I don't think cleaning the house ever ends. Beautiful flowers.