Sunday, April 18, 2021


Spring has arrived in a rush.  We went from rather cool to downright pleasant almost overnight.  The past few days have been low to mid 20sC which is probably high 70sF.  That was a good enough excuse to take the RZR for a ride on Friday.  However, as noted below, it was a short ride.  It was great to get out in the peaceful forest just the same!

Not much happening on the house front these days.  They are still painting and finishing the inside but nothing happening on the deck and carport.  Apparently the framing crew has some Covid-19 related issues and are short staffed.  Our possession date has been moved to May 14 now.  No idea if that is guaranteed though.  Not having a fixed, cast in stone, date is creating problems for our planning.  Things such as appliance delivery, insurance and utility switch overs need a specific date.

Karen's dwarf nectarine

As I said we had a short ride.  At 2.8 kms (1.75 miles) from the car, we arrived at this narrow spot.  That is solid ice under the fringe of snow and those tracks that are close to the drop off  are from a narrower machine than ours.  It is dicey enough when the road is bare.  So that was a No Go.

So we turned around and found a nice warm spot for our lunch just back down the road.

Lots of ice on the road

After lunch we tried the next road below and found these big fresh bear tracks

We powered through some snow to access the lowest side road which proved to be snow free and fairly level once through the initial snow.  But, that was short lived as there were a couple large windfalls that blocked the road.  That was fine because there were lots of these Spring Beauties to admire.

Buttercups and Spring Beauties

Looking down from the flower meadow to Aileen on the left in the red coat and the RZR.  The road cut across a steep hillside.

Sagebrush Bluebell

Yellow Bell

Not sure what this is but I think it could be a Sagebrush Bluebell plant.  I thought the colours were great.  They don't look as good here as in person.


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  1. Great Pictures. From what I've read in other Blogs your Temp is going up while our's is going down. Keep an eye peeled for the Bears.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.