Sunday, March 1, 2020


While we were parked out in the desert, my newer laptop decided to shut me out again.  I still have my old laptop so I could download my photos from the camera but it doesn’t edit photos very well anymore so the photos have stacked up and I am slowly working my way through them.   I finally decided I needed some professional help with the laptop so I selected a repair company in Mesa.  Aileen and I drove for 2 ½ hours to drop it off.  It took them a week to get it fixed and it appears the problem was caused by a Windows update.  After we returned to Florence, we drove up on Friday to retrieve the laptop.
We really enjoyed our six weeks parked near Bouse, AZ.   For the most part we were able to have lots of peace and quiet.  One day, 26 ATVs staged just across the other side of our clearing and I was able to listen to how an organized club began their ride.  Lots of rules and talk; I prefer to gather and go.  Another time three dozen RVs parked across the highway from us and they all had ATVs.  They went out in several groups and other than the noisy ATVs they were pretty quiet.   One morning two ambulances arrived and after they left, the group was pretty subdued and started packing up.  By the next day, just a couple of units remained. 
Our friends from here, Jerry and Donna, spent a week with us and we enjoyed some great rides and road trips in the car.  They parked quite a ways from us and we shared afternoon chats and some meals with them. 
We made several trips in to Quartzsite to wander the vendors but didn’t spend much money.  We did have to take the motor home in one day to visit the RV Proctologist as we were having issues with our waste tanks.  It turned out that the gray tank was caked with build up from the hard water down here and it took three times longer to clean with large white flakes coming out.  Our tank sensor gauges are working again, the first time in years.  Of course with using the same water that probably won’t last.
We returned to Florence on Wednesday, I led a group of ATVs on Thursday, Friday we went to Mesa to pick up the laptop and yesterday we went way up to Glendale for a wedding/potluck for some church friends of Aileen’s.  I did some photos which I quickly edited then put on a flash drive for them.  That way I was finished with the project.  Traffic was crazy both ways and we saw numerous accidents.  People drive very fast on the Phoenix area freeways and they drive like they are playing a video game.
We are going on a road trip with Richard and Judy today.  I spent quite some time this morning getting a blog ready to post and partway through, the repaired laptop froze up on me.   I am very frustrated!  I will post this on my old laptop but no photos as they are stuck on the other.  Grrr!  I guess we are back to the repair shop Tuesday.   

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