Tuesday, March 24, 2020


After making a fast for us trip north from Arizona, we are now sitting in limbo in our friend Karen’s driveway in Penticton.  We made it in four days, three nights, avoiding RV parks and people.  We stayed in an abandoned gas station north of Alamo the first night then in a quiet little rest area along Hwy 30 west of Buhl, ID the second night.  Our last night was at the Wildhorse Casino east of Pendleton, OR which was pretty quiet since the casino was closed.  There were quite a number of RVs though doing the same as us.
We are able to go for walks and even drives if we want but we can’t go where other people are.  Getting groceries will be a challenge as the only friend able to help us is handicapped by a broken ankle and depending on her friends to drive her about.
On our walk after supper last night I was able to find three geocaches.  So that is something we can do to get us out of the motor home to help us getting some exercise.  It will be a long 14 days although in theory our four days on the road should be part of it.  I don’t think we want to be very socially active when it is done either so we don’t contact someone who is carrying the virus.

Our last AZ sunset

On the north side of Greater Phoenix there were miles of this

Nevada 318

For those so adamant that we come north, wish you were here!

Nearing Wells, Nevada on 93

Nearing Wells, Nevada on 93

Heading north from Wells on 93 and yes soon we were in another snow squall

Male Scaups

Canada Goose

There were lots of different waterfowl at the Hagerman Rest Stop

Canada Geese

Meadowlark on our evening stroll near the rest stop


  1. Lot of that going around, we are in day 10 of self quarintine. Plan on staying here unti the situation improves.

  2. Working in -16C before the wind chill and very happy you’re back in Canada ❤️

  3. Glad you are safely Home. Even after the Fourteen Day Isolation it would be wise to practice Social Distancing for the reason you said.
    Even after our Canadian Authorities say we are in the clear we'll be cautious.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Glad to read you made it home safe and sound. Stay safe.