Sunday, March 15, 2020


Well, with all this uncertainty and lots of misinformation floating around, it becomes difficult to sort out the truth.  Lots of our Canadian friends have left or are about to leave for home.  Some people have had calls from their travel insurance agents telling them to get back home.  Others have contacted their agent and been told they don’t need to head home yet.  Since we haven’t had any communication from our agent, we will stay here for a while longer.  No use heading north to freeze any longer than we have to.  It’s not like we have a warm house to go to and it isn’t easy keeping warm in the motor home when it’s cold outside.  Looking at the road cams this morning, there were some nasty spots in the high passes.  The longer we can wait the better.
We continue to have a mixed bag of weather, beautiful warm sunny days with some rainy days mixed in.  Aileen and I went down to Tucson on Friday for a change of scenery.  The flowers along Highway 79 were pretty nice close to the pavement.  I think the extra water they get from the drainage off the road and perhaps the heat from the pavement encourages extra growth.  With the wet weather, there were some nice little waterfalls on Mt Lemmon.  We drove up to the 7,000 foot level where it was 6C mid-afternoon, then turned around.  Neither of us felt like going further to get into the snow.


Red-tailed Hawk on a nest in a Saguaro

Desert Evening Primrose in the desert behind our park

Parry's Beard Tongue and Prickly Pear Cactus

Poppy and Lupine

Desert Globe Mallow come in many different colours

Desert Globe Mallow

Desert  Marigolds

Poppies and Lupine

Deformed Desert Marigold

Mexican Vervain

Butterfly on Mexican Vervain

Collapsed Agave

Looking similar to Salsify, this is called Silver Puffs

This waterfall beside the road up Mt Lemmon encouraged me to stop

Then I heard another waterfall that turned out to be hidden from the road

It was tucked in behind the rock on the right shielding it from view until you were right close to it

Sycamore Trees along the Mt Lemmon Rd once we gained sufficient altitude

Lots of interesting rocks along the Mt Lemmon  Rd

Some had people

What's holding that rock in place?

Some of our road

Baby balancing rock

This is called a Feather Dalea


  1. Wow! Where do you find your desert wildflower information? I have a hard time naming any flowers but would like to do so.

    1. Get the app iNaturalist. You take a photo of the plant and then ask what you just saw. It then gives you some suggestions and then I can double check in my plant books.

  2. Being out in the desert is probably the safest place you can be.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.