Thursday, November 21, 2019


Life continues to rocket along and we struggle to keep up.  We made the decision to look into replacing our little RZR570 for something smoother riding.  We had looked at a few machines at a couple of places.   When I took our 570 in for a major service on Tuesday, I had the dealer give me an out the door price and when he came in lower than anticipated, it didn't take long before we had a deal and I didn't have to pay for the big service after all.   The 570 had 10,603 miles on it and 904 hours so I had spent a lot of time in the seat.  It was a 2014 model and if it rode smoother I would have kept it for a long time.  I hadn't had to replace any of the components yet, just tires.
We took the new machine out today and are very pleased with it.  We went from 44 HP which was ample to 100 HP which is probably way more than we need but that's the only motor offered.  The seats are very comfortable.  We have been having lots of rain the past couple of days and it was sorely needed as they got next to nothing during the monsoon season.  For that reason, just four of us went out riding today and we had a great day.  We had one machine go past while we were having lunch and we saw four others at a distance so it was really nice not having other traffic.  There was no dust either which the other three appreciated.
We went for lunch with Ken and Marie and Richard and Judy yesterday at Mt Athos, the upscale
Greek restaurant in Florence.  We have played one game of Progressive Hand and Foot and the ladies beat Ken and I 24,600 to 12,000!
I think I have finally found a dependable supplier for my photo card stock in Red River Paper.  The first box I bought has been great with the photos looking very good.  They were out of stock when I went to re-order the other day but I was able to place my order yesterday.  I had a follow up email from a representative of the company inquiring how my experience was with the product and that was quite positive.

Male Phainopepla

The Thumb

Looking east from above Box Canyon

L2R - North Butte, Grayback Mountain, South Butte

Sundog the other day

Upper tangent arc and sundogs the next morning

House Finch

Looking west from out in our hills

Road traffic this morning

Lots of expressive clouds on our ride today

Many storm cells today but most missed us

Mesa and Apache Junction getting some rain

Ominous, but it went behind us so we stayed dry

Sunrise from in front of the motor home

Sunset from in front of the motor home, both a few days ago

On a warm day, we look for shade

This morning below Box Canyon

The newest member of our team

My friend Richard and I were up to Mesa yesterday and on the way home we saw several rainbows

Nearly home, this was off to the west

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