Sunday, November 3, 2019


We're pretty much back in the groove here in Arizona and the weather has been very nice.  Yesterday was up to about 86F but it cooled off nicely at night.  We've had lots of wind so that keeps the temperature more moderate too.   Our humidity is reading 1% so yes, it is a dry heat.
On Friday we took a road trip with Richard and Judy,  We went south from Casa Grande on AZ 15 then took 34, 7 and 86 over to Why, AZ then up through Ajo to Gila Bend and back on I-8.  Much of the route as through the Tohono O'odham Indian Nation.  Miles of flat desert interspersed with rugged little mountains and the odd little village.  We had a gorgeous blue sky day for it.  Our route took us 468 kms which is about 293 miles.
The highlight for us was seeing the wild burros as we hadn't realized they were out there.  We saw a total of 21 of them at various times during the afternoon.  We found a quiet spot off the road to have our lunch.  We did get reprimanded at the Border Patrol checkpoint for not having our passports.  Apparently when you're that close to the Mexican border, you are supposed to have your passports with you at all times.
I haven't had the RZR out yet but am planning to ride tomorrow.  We have been enjoying riding our bikes but the wind makes it difficult in one direction.

Female Northern Cardinal in our park

Cactus flower taken during our evening walk

Abandoned church along AZ 34

Wild Burros along AZ 34

Notice the extra ear?

Church in Ajo, AZ

Dove behind our park

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