Sunday, July 29, 2018


Actually, I visited two other islands.  Charlie invited me along when he went to check one of his current construction jobs on Hornby Island the other day.  We took a ferry first to Denman Island then drove across it to catch the ferry to Hornby.  While he conferred with his crew, I wandered the property and along the beach below.
We've been laying a bit low with the warmer temperatures and the motor home air conditioning is getting a workout.  It malfunctioned the other day so I was up on the roof yesterday taking the covers off and Charlie brought his air compressor over so we could blow things out.  It worked fine in the afternoon when needed.
We have a friend closing up her parents home with things to dispose of so one night Charlie and I went down and removed what we could then another day my brother in law, John R and I took away a couple loads of firewood.
Last night, Aileen and I picked up my sister Sue and John R and went to play cards at my sister Janet and John H's house.   John H won the game of 2500 while the ladies trounced us guys in Hand and Foot.

We spied this Mink while waiting for our first ferry

Overgrown doorway

1953 Ford Jublilee tractor 

Immature Bald Eagle

And a closer shot

Down on the ocean's edge

This search and rescue plane was on maneuvers circling Hornby while I was on the beach 

I saw this Mink while wandering the beach on Hornby

I think this must be some type of seaweed.  It made loud crunching noises when he was eating it.

Looking from Hornby Island to Chrome Island lighthouse at the toe of Denman Island and over to Vancouver Island

Mature Bald Eagle

Chrome Island Lighthouse framed from Hornby

Some old Hornby houses

An old oak tree on Hornby that I played with in Photoshop

The same tree taken from the other side 

A spiral Arbutus tree

Closeup of the Arbutus.  The green is the new bark while the red is the old bark being shed.  An Arbutus in a deciduous evergreen in that it has leaves but it doesn't drop them every year.

The Ford Jubilee framed by some Arbuitus 
A couple of moon shots taken the night before full.  Handheld

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