Friday, June 29, 2018


We had Georgia with us from Wednesday after school until Sunday afternoon.  We've been taking it kind of easy since then.  We took Georgia to the Mill Bay library one day and to the Farmer's Market in Duncan on Saturday morning.  We took Mitzy for lots of walks around the campground at Bamberton Provincial Park.  I had a few visits with my sister Becky's brother in law, Joe who was also camped there. 
I got chatting with a lady who was interested in our lifestyle and she mentioned her husband retiring from the pulp mill in Prince George three years ago.  I mentioned our old friend, Bill Haviland who had helped build the mill years ago as an engineer and she knew him and Del.  They had been good friends with her parents before moving to Salmon Arm where they moved in two doors down from us.  We were great friends with them and played cards often.  Bill and I walked together, skied some and he also did some mountain hiking and back packing with me. 
On Sunday morning, we moved the motor home up to my cousin Neil and Carol's at Duncan.  They are off on a road trip visiting family and we are parked in their yard keeping an eye on things.  Not as much to do here this time as they have put most of the gardens on a timed watering system.  We are enjoying having lots of space to ourselves.
Aileen will be having her left eye cataract repaired on Tuesday so we are moving back down to Richard and Robin's on Monday to be closer.  After a week or so there we will be moving but not sure where yet.   Since I have volunteered to be a rally activities host for our next spring rally, I must spend some time in the Courtenay/Campbell River area coming up with a plan.  I need to have this in hand before September as we will be off the Island until next May or so.  Since we are only utilizing just the one campground now for our rallies, it is becoming more difficult to come up with new attractions and activities.

Driftwood on the beach near Sidney

This is out the motor home windshield.  This guy had just driven in with his super smelly and smokey Ford diesel.  That smoke is coming from his idling truck.  When he was driving, there was way more smoke polluting everything.   Just plain disgusting.  I would think he will have a pretty expensive repair bill shortly.

A squirrel in Bamberton Park

At the Duncan Farmer's Market

One section of the Duncan Farmer's Market

Forty feet from the motor home where we are house sitting

Adult Dark-eyed Junco

Four baby Dark-eyed Juncos in a lavender plant in a pot on a plastic table  where we are house sitting

Butterfly in lavender right alongside the motor home

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