Wednesday, June 13, 2018


One down and one to go.  Aileen had her right eye cataract surgery this morning and it seems to have gone well.  She arrived back in the waiting area where I was, with an older lady in tow.  She was helping her get to the main entrance.   Now to take it easy for a few days and keep her head up.

We had a good rally at Seal Bay RV Park.  I delivered my annual treasurer's report and am still in the job for another year.   Aileen has volunteered to be the social host for the September rally and I have taken on the rally host position for next spring's rally.  Since we hope to be away all winter, I will have to do most of my planning before we leave this fall.  Our group is experiencing a common phenomenon with such groups in that we have an aging membership with few younger people joining us.

After the rally, we moved down to my Cousin Neil and Carol's for a couple of nights and we are now parked in Richard and Robin's bottom driveway again.  Yesterday was a drab and dull day so I thought, perfect to visit a forested creek area.  I spent about three hours wandering alongside Goldstream Creek in the park of the same name on the outskirts of Victoria.  It was a good choice.  We had showers overnight and this morning but the weather is forecast to do a rapid change and the outlook is for sunshine and much warmer temperatures for the next week at least.

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These baby ducks were in the pond at the RV park

Since this female Hood Merganser was the only adult duck on the pond, I have to guess she is the mother of the two babies.  This image is looking into the light.

And this one has the light on my side, makes a difference, doesn't it

A Spotted Sandpiper down on the beach in North Saanich

This cute little guy is a Chestnut-backed Chickadee

There are scores of Canada Geese down at the beach here in North Saanich

Also on the beach was this American Goldfinch male

And here he is with the female
The above images were taken with my Canon SX60 super zoom point and shoot.

The images below, taken at Goldstream Creek, were shot with my Canon 6D with a 24-105 lens mounted on a tripod.

Goldstream Falls.  It was 198 steps down to the bottom and 198 back up again afterward.  I thought it was worth the effort though.

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