Friday, May 25, 2018


Yes, we thought our summer would flow along like our last few but when Aileen went to get her eyes checked prior to new glasses, she was told she has a fast growing cataract in one eye.  She was able to get an appointment where our daughter in law works with a specialist who informed her that yes, that was true but she also had one in the other eye which is slower growing.   It looks like she will be having the first one operated on in July and the other two weeks later.  That is going to mean we will be spending a lot more time in the lower part of Vancouver Island this summer.  We usually try to avoid that by heading to the top end where there are far less people.
We had to take Mitzy for her regular vet appointment today in Courtenay so we combined that with taking Cousin Bill to Dick's Fish and Chips in Campbell River for lunch.  I got out twice this week geocaching, haven't been doing much lately.  On Monday I made my first ride with the ATV club I belong to when here.

An all too common occurrence these days, the old cabin is being replaced by the square monstrosity seen in the background.  

Dew drops on a rose leaf one morning, enlarge the image to see all the little pictures in the drops.

Mitzy and I walk by this house some mornings

Wild rose along the road

Out riding with the Alberni Valley ATV club on Monday we were stopped by this snow from going to our planned destination

So, what can we do but play a little?

I sat here on the banks of the Cameron River to have my lunch

Looking over the Alberni Valley from up on the flanks of Mt Arrowsmith

Those are my tracks after getting winched backwards.  I was doing great until getting high centered on the hard snow and having all four tires spinning helplessly.

A little further on from the view to the west and the Alberni Valley, I was able to look to the east side of Vancouver Island in the vicinity of Qualicum/Coombs

Lots of residual snow in spots up on Mt Arrowsmith

St Mary's Lake on a shoulder of Mt Arrowsmith 

Up high, the Trilliums were in their prime

A little mountain pond

Wild Huckleberry blossoms

While Aileen was at her specialist appointment in Victoria, Mitzy and I sat in a sheltered spot at Cattle Point and watched this Great Blue Heron.

These two guys were having fun in the wind off Cattle Point

Camas and Oak trees at Cattle Point

Later, after Aileen's appointment, we met Richard and Georgia at Finnerty Gardens at the University of Victoria.  The Rhododendrons and Azaleas were still pretty impressive.  

An Iris

Korean Mountain Magnolia at Finnerty Gardens

Northern Flicker spotted on our morning walk

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