Monday, May 8, 2017


Spring is still making a reluctant appearance.  We get a bit of sun as a teaser then more clouds and showers roll in.  At least Vancouver Island isn't getting the terrible flooding and landslides that are happening in south central BC.
On Saturday afternoon some of the family and friends met at Matt and Kristeen's for a get together honouring little Lily, my nephew Matt's new baby.  Lily had been awake much of the previous night so slept most of the afternoon.  Several of us older folk got some pretend grandparenting in.  
Janet and John joined Charlie and Sheila and us for supper last night.  After supper we had a planning meeting for our 50th anniversary/family reunion coming in October.  Aileen and I signed the contract for the hall rental yesterday.  Aileen has quite a bit of the basic planning under way.  My job has been gathering emails to make a comprehensive list to keep everyone in the loop when we start sending out messages.
Aileen and I went to Nanaimo to get our passport renewal started.  Tomorrow I will be back down to Nanaimo to get the Honda CRV serviced.  Since we tow it behind the motor home, we get the transmission serviced every second year since towing is stressful for them.  This is the year again. We hope to keep the CRV going for a few more years as Honda CRV's can no longer be flat towed since they changed to a CVT transmission in 2015.  No idea what we would go to if we had to replace the CRV right now.

Aileen and our great niece, Lily

And one of me holding Lily, taken by Aileen

Palmate Coltsfoot, Nile Creek Canon SX50

Bald Eagle, hand held with my Canon SX50.  This eagle was just behind the house and our motor home a couple days ago.

The Canon SX50 lens was all the way out to 1200 mm then I maxed the digital zoom making this the equivalent of 4800 mm by my reckoning.   This camera is the best $400 I ever spent on my photography hobby.

Fairy Slipper, calypso bulbosa, taken with the SX50

I went for a walk up Nile Creek Sunday afternoon and the rapids and waterfalls were very nice.  Below are several of the waterfalls.  The creek photos were taken with my Canon 6D with a 24-105 zoom using a polarizing filter.

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