Sunday, May 14, 2017


The first five photos were taken yesterday when I walked an abandoned stretch of road in search of geocaches.  Today I went for a walk up Rosewall Creek putting on nearly 11 kms and enduring a few rain showers.  I even met another crazy photographer who was using a tripod too.

Bracken Fern new growth, reminds me of a pugilist 

Sitka Spruce new growth

Lodgepole Pine new growth

Western White Pine new growth

Now identified as Shepherd's Purse, this introduced weed normally grows to 20 inches tall and is not welcome in the garden as it can transmit a fungi to cabbage and other plants.   This one is growing out of a bed of moss on top of old pavement and is only a few inches tall.  I thought it quite pretty.

Rosewall Creek trail

Rosewall Creek

Rosewall Creek

Your intrepid photographer emerging from hibernation

Rosewall Creek

Rosewall Creek

Rosewall Creek Falls

Rosewall Creek seasonal falls

Rosewall Creek trail

More Rosewall Creek photos below

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