Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Life carries on here and we keep very busy.  One of our Colorado couples has arrived and we played cards the other evening.  We haven't missed a night at the hot tub and pool since arriving.  The renovations to the park model are nearly complete and our renters have arrived.  I have spent quite a few hours scanning old photos and negatives and now there will be many more hours spent editing them.  Some need more help than others.  I will likely be limiting my club rides to just Tuesday and taking Aileen and neighbours out on Fridays.  I have had a couple requests to take visitors out but nothing set up yet.  This year we have been joining a group of ATV club members at Wednesday happy hours and will be hosting next week.  Since there isn't enough room on our lot to host many people, we will be renting the patio at the annex.

I took the Tuesday riders out near South Butte this week

Looking beyond South Butte

Exploring a side trail, 87 year old Blue follows me

Not sure if this is a grasshopper or a katydid but I suspect it is a katydid.  It was sitting in the middle of an old road in the wide open desert on a cool day while I was geocaching.

A couple of doves catching the first sun one morning when Mitzy and I were on our walk in the desert

Not many wildflowers blooming at present but there are a few Brittlebush showing some welcome colour

Often on our morning walk, Mitzy and I come home through parts of Florence Gardens and there are lots of planted cactus for the birds to roost on.  This is a Curved  Bill Thrasher

These sparrows are utilizing some holes in a Saguaro

A remnant of high water a while ago along the Gila River

 I took my turn this past year going through Mom's photo albums and pulled out any photos that were of interest to my immediate family.  I brought those  with us this winter along with my photo scanner.  I thought I would share a few that may be of interest.  This photo is probably the first one of Aileen and I during out early courtship.  This is July or August of 1964.  We were 17 and 15.  

This is the summer of 1965 with my first new car, a 1965 Vauxhall Viva

Our official engagement Christmas Day 1965

And our wedding October 7, 1967.  We were 18 and 20.

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