Sunday, March 20, 2016


I had planned on getting to Nampa, Idaho this afternoon but when the campground that said they required reservations to get a cheaper rate didn't reply, I scratched them and decided to stay in a nice campground we had stayed at before in Mountain Home, Idaho.  Therefore, as today was to be a longer day but the change shortened it, I decided to do a bit of geocaching.  It was a good thing I had lots of time as my GPS decided to lock up on me and I had to to a master reset.  I did finally make it out on the geocaching route and picked up some.  There are many more on that string so some time I hope to get at them again.  I really like the cache trails along remote gravel roads away from people.
There are dark clouds rolling in from the west so hope that doesn't mean snow on the pass ahead of us.  We are hoping to get to near Pendleton, Oregon tomorrow.

What a difference the light makes!  This is the same image as my last one last night taken early this morning.  I did miss the pink alpen glow that Aileen saw earier when she was on her walk.  Taken with my Canon SX50 zoomed in.

Taken with my Canon 6D full size camera, early this morning

Rural Idaho on Hwy 93 south of Twin Falls

Buhl, small town Idaho

Outskirts of Buhl, ID

Highway 30 between Buhl and Bliss, Idaho

Along the Snake River there are many places where the water gushes out of the lava.  Just to the right of this is a power generating station utilizing some of this water flow. 

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