Monday, February 15, 2016


On Saturday when just us and Jerry and Donna were left here in camp, Jerry called over wanting to go for another ride. I thought that was a great opportunity to check out whether I could make a group circle ride utilizing Preacher's Pass.  We had a great ride with just two machines and w didn't meet many others all day either which made it nice and peaceful.  Following my nose for the most part, I only took one dead end road but that was some of the best scenery of the day.  Too bad it didn't go through.  Eventually we found our way to some country I recognized and then I knew just which trails to take.  I was very impressed that Aileen was able to make four days in a row of riding. 

Some beautiful Arizona desert scenery

Rock Daisy growing in a wash

Looking back from partway up to the pass

Jerry and Donna in one of the lumpy areas

Looking north from the pass where we had come from

Looking east from the pass to where we were heading

We found a Crested Saguaro
I'll let you come up with the title of this one


We came upon some large boulders with nice vibrant Lichen

There were lots of these little arches 

The last four images were taken up the dead end road we took

Much of the rock up in the end of this valley was patterned thusly

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