Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Time has gotten away on me again.  Fifteen days since my last post already.   I've been having quite a time with a corn under my big toe which has greatly reduced my walking this summer.  We've gotten rid of most of it now with the use of corn plasters.  The other thing that has been plaguing us is the fridge we bought new in January this year.  It works well on electric but poorly on propane.  After trying a few fixes, the fridge is now sitting on the shop floor of a local RV repair facility to be tested in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty instruction.  We intend to replace it with a house fridge, hoping we have enough solar power to cover most of the electrical requirement.  To that end we have spent considerable time trying to find one close enough to here to buy.  All the appliance dealers tell us 7-10 days to get one from their warehouse even if it is only in Vancouver.  We think we have one located in Victoria and will drive down with the CRV and ATV trailer tomorrow hoping to pick it up.  We are currently using two chest coolers in the motor home, Chas and Sheila's fridge and their freezer.
We participated in an Escapees RV Club rally at a small RV park north of Qualicum Beach last week. We had four nights and five days.  Just seven couples attending which made for a more intimate group.  It was easy to have happy hour and sit around the campfire evenings at one unit.  It was fun getting to know some of these people better.   Some of them made it to the golf course twice, we all went to wing night at the Shady Rest Pub in Qualicum on the Tuesday night and some of went for a hike up Rosewall Creek one day.  Several geocaches were found along the way as one of the ladies was a geocacher like me.  This past Sunday with help from Aileen, Charlie and Sheila, we got the winter's wood into the woodshed.  Eight big loads with my ATV and trailer.  A big job done!

RV friend Bev wanted me to be in some photos so I crossed the creek.  I was walking along the shore rock and it turned out my shoes didn't have any side traction so I slipped off the rock beyond me into the creek.

Not much water in Rosewall Creek Falls

My picture of RV friend Bev

One of our happy hours along side our unit.  Self timer on a tripod so I am in the picture
 seated left of center, way back there.

Sitting around the propane campfire beside our rig

I went geocaching by myself one day this week and this curious squirrel was giving me the eye.


This spider web was on the fence alongside of where we are parked

That nondescript spider in the above shot is kind of neat when zoomed in on

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