Friday, March 20, 2015


Our friend Selma came by this afternoon and  told Aileen about this owl family so I went and took some pictures when I returned from my ATV ride

A wild Hedgehog Cacus out in the desert

Does anyone see the cloud dog chasing the other dogs?

North and South Buttes under the clouds

My friend Richard overlooking the Gila River at the end of South Butte

North Butte from South Butte.  The Copper Basin Railway tracks are at the base of North Butte

Looking to the east from South Butte

North Butte with lots of Saguaro cactus in the foreground

Does anyone else see the running duck?

Ocotillo blooms

Staghorn Cholla red flower

Staghorn Cholla yellow flower

We saw one Saguaro with a few flowers out

Staghorn Cholla

Ocotillo bloom

Desert Broomrape

A honey bee feasting on Salt Cedar

Two weeks today should see us on the road heading north to BC.  We've had some warm days and have had a couple of heavy showers to help freshen up the desert and encourage the flowers to bloom.  Where it rained enough, it settled the dust that was getting pretty bad.  Our main riding areas are really busy right now as it is spring break.  Yesterday and today I went to less known areas and we were almost on our own.  Only four of us rode yesterday as it was raining hard from about 6 til 8 am.  We made the decision to wait 45 minutes past our usual departure time and had no rain and a nice day.  Today, just my friend Richard and I went out and we made it a photography trip making many stops.  We had an enjoyable day.  I think I will get to see a lot of the desert flowers blooming over the next two weeks.  We've never stayed this long before and may never again either.  Aileen is re-thinking our plan to stay until April 3.

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