Friday, July 25, 2014


The beavers flooded our road

A couple of guys fishing for Pink Salmon, note the black lab dog sitting patiently off to the left

Last shot of the evening

John and Bryony tackling an overgrown road

An old Douglas Fir tree above Nimpkish Lake

Common Harebells along the Nimpkish Lake shore

Nimpkish Lake

Neat weathering lines on a tree root

The above photo was in the middle of this shot

John and Bryony

Took this out the window of John and Anne's trailer in the rain last night

This was taken this morning in an old mature forest along Nimpkish Lake

This nearly translucent fungus on a tree was taken this afternoon along a trail in second growth timber near Port Hardy

Along the same trail as above, I spotted this good example of Slime Mold, it is about a foot across.

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