Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Ah yes, a change of plans.  That isn't all that unusual with us, is it?  We had loosely been planning to go to a wilderness lake today but now that is off the table.  We were up to Cluxewe last night for supper with the family when the ladies decided to check with the office to see why the site we had to leave last Thursday was still vacant.  Well, it seems the people who were going to occupy the site either went to a different site or didn't even show up.  When pressed, the office called the people and found out what had happened, suddenly we could have the site again.  So the decision was made to return to Cluxewe.  After some discussion it was decided we'd stay here for the duration of our stay here in the North Island.  We moved up from Alder Bay Campsite this morning and we will be moving sites three more times here in Cluxewe getting us through to August 14th when we will likely head down island.

Looking down toward the Broughton Archipelago

Sun shining through a piece of floating kelp

Looking across from Alder Bay

A curious mink I saw one morning

The old man and the sea, across the street from my Cousin Chris'

The eagles are all taken in my Cousin Chris' backyard

All three eagle shots are as taken by the camera, no cropping

Lesser Yellowlegs

Lots of these snails attached to the rocks at low tide

All of the above shots were taken with the Canon SX50
The two below are from my Canon 6D

Loading out sand and gravel bound for the US west coast

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