Saturday, July 6, 2013


We are back near Campbell River moochdocking at Aileen’s Cousin Bill’s for a few days.  Friends Gay and Doug joined us for supper Wednesday then Aileen and I visited their place Thursday morning.  Another friend mentioned Dick’s Fish and Chips, down on the water, had gluten free batter so we thought we’d try that for lunch.  Well, the batter may be gluten free, but it is all cooked in the same cooker so cross contaminated.  We went to Fusilli Grill which is dependably gluten free and tasty.
Aileen and I went for a stroll around some of the trails in Strathcona Park near the Mt Washington Ski Hill.  We’d read about it on Rick and Paulette’s blog and thought it sounded like fun.  The scenery was certainly very good.  For the first half of our walk, we only saw four other people but it got busier later. 
I got to miss helping with Charlie and Sheila’s haying by leaving the day we did because of an appointment to have the motor home serviced.  They didn’t miss me as they had three of their sons, a couple of the son's spouses and their renter’s daughter to help. 

Aileen's birthday today.  She wanted to keep it low key this year.  Next year is a big one.  Bill’s son Tony and Rita will join us for a BBQ supper tonight.  We plan to visit some old friends in Cumberland for lunch tomorrow then we have a boat ride booked for Monday morning which will take us up through the islands to one of the mainland inlets.  This is a scheduled freight run on about a 30 foot aluminum boat.

Lots of boardwalks to protect the fragile alpine bogs and about two kilometers are fully wheelchair accessible

Battleship Lake

Mt Washington Ski Hill in the background

Lake Helen MacKenzie

Some of the Mt Washington accommodation in the background


  1. John, it was great to read and see someone else's perspective on the Strathcona Park trails we took just a few weeks ago. Great pics!

    Happy Birthday to Aileen and hope you have a fun BBQ!

  2. That is such a beautiful area. Even the salmon love it there! Great photos!