Friday, March 29, 2013


When I had Mitzy out about 7:30, I heard a whooshing sound and when I looked up, there was a hot air balloon not far away.  Of course the camera was still in the motor home and the long lens was in the car so it took a while to gather my equipment for the pictures.  About 10:30, we packed a lunch and drove out the Cherry Rd.  It turned in to gravel before long but was mostly in great shape as long as you drove slowly.  We gained a couple thousand feet and got some nice views.  The little community of Cherry was anticlimactic as most places seemed run down and there were lots of no trespassing signs.  We found a shady spot just where the pavement started again to have our lunch.    

Desert Holly

The San Francisco Peaks are beyond Flagstaff.  The cliffs in the foreground are the edge of the Colorado Plateau and are known as the Mogollon Rim mentioned often in Western books

Desert Lilac

If you look closely dead center in this image, you will see a few RVs and we are the closest.  Our black motor home is facing nearly straight on and blends in to a white trailer that is a ways behind us.  They are from Gibsons on BC's Sunshine Coast.

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