Wednesday, March 13, 2013


At mid afternoon today it is 29C (83 or 84F)and Aileen has fired up the air conditioners to stay cool inside the motor home.  We were up to Mesa this morning for several things.  We’re going for lunch on Saturday up in Tempe and had planned to do everything the one day.  When we got to thinking about all we wanted to do, it made sense to make two trips instead of a marathon one day session.  They are forecasting 90F for Saturday then settling back into the mid 80’s.  Our plan was to stay here until March 25 then wander north but if it stays warm we may leave by the 21st.
We’ve been zipping around to various towns finding last minute items we wanted to get before heading home.   We’ve been trying out different restaurants that provide gluten free meals.  We went to a Red Robin today for the first time and we’ll see how Aileen makes out.  It takes several hours for a reaction if there happened to be any gluten contamination.  We had a couple good meals at Olive Garden recently.
I rode with the ATV group Monday and Tuesday this week since my riding days are really numbered now.  The only problem with the warmer weather is the hot leather seat reacting with the denim covered butt.  It tends to get uncomfortable.  I haven’t decided if I’ll ride with them tomorrow.  Otherwise, next Tuesday will be the last ride probably.
We had two couples over a few nights ago for a games night in the park model and had a great time.  Aileen and I play Sets most evenings and last night she was not happy with my play.  In the last hand, without buying any cards, I went out with just twelve cards.  You needed to have two sets of six, which I did.  That’s the second time I’ve done that in three weeks.  When I went out I caught her with 350 points which destroyed her score and enriched mine immensely.  I was not very popular!
We went to a joint birthday party for two of our neighbours on Monday evening.  Bud and Jim both turn 85 this week and they are both great guys.  They both stay very active caring for their spouses and in Bud’s case, supervising construction on our block.  It is great to know people like them.

Red Tailed Hawk leaving a saguaro perch

The Thumb with the top of the world trail partly visible

A few poppies

A horned owl is sitting on it's nest

A closer shot