Saturday, January 28, 2012


We’re still hanging out in Quartzsite.  We’ve had a couple more game nights with our friends.  Last night we did a big batch of laundry then had supper in the little café attached to the laundromat.   We’ve been to the big tent a few times and several of the other sales areas but haven’t spent too much yet.  I bought a nice sturdy set of aluminum steps for when our steps are too high from the ground, a couple of new style LED replacement bulbs and some tee shirts for both of us.
We went back to the La Paz outdoor market today since the weather was so nice and we needed groceries in Parker. The selection here in Quartzsite is limited and expensive.   We took the opportunity to have lunch at the Crossroads Café which was very busy.  The food seemed pretty good for the price, too.  For a change of scenery, we returned home via Poston then Ehrenburg which is near the California line. 
I’ve had a phone call and an email wondering where the heck we are and is it true your place is for sale, from different ATV club members.  I did speak to several people in the weeks ahead of our departure telling of our plans for visiting Quartzsite but I guess it didn’t get all around.  We’ve been twelve days since dumping our tanks which is doing really well.  Aileen has several strategies in place to conserve water but I think tomorrow will have to be the day.  It can be quite a long process getting to the dump station if you go at the wrong time of day.  The lineups can be huge.  Last time we found midafternoon to be best.
Looking down our row toward the big tent.  Jim's osprey flying in the foreground

I hiked up to the top of Q Mtn one afternoon, this is looking down towards where we are parked

The big tent surrounded by RV sales and other vendors

looking to the south

If you look closely, you will see some golf browns (sort of like greens, I guess)

This guy flies over periodically

We had a nice sunrise yesterday morning, normally I just see it out the bedroom window.  I did run outside with the camera then jumped back in bed

La Paz market

Colorado river and RV parks just north of Parker

Outside the big tent

Inside the big tent

One of the outside vendors

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