Wednesday, January 25, 2012


From the left ours, Jacquie and Jim then Dian and Maurice parked with thousands of others in Quartzsite, AZ

We’ve been boondocking in La Posa West at Quartzsite for a week already without internet.  After experiencing more difficulty in finding free internet, I went and bought a personal WiFi hotspot (MiFi) from Verizon.  We’ll be able to use it all the way to the Canadian border then cancel the service until we return south next time.   
We had a busy few days before leaving Florence.  Mitzy went to the vet for her annual teeth cleaning and was fortunate in that she didn’t need any further work.  We did a lot of sorting and packing with the possible sale of the lots in mind and to travel over to Quartzsite for a couple weeks.   We will have some big decisions to make before we leave for Canada around February 23.  What to try to keep and what to dispose of.  The ATV is the really big one for me.
We’ve had several games nights here with Jacquie and Jim and Dian and Maurice.  While Mexican Train was our initial focus, Skip Bo has also been really popular.  We went up to the La Paz market Saturday morning north of Parker but mostly just looked.   On Sunday, Aileen and I drove over to Bouse, poking around the side roads a bit.  We had a nice lunch in an old Mom and Pop restaurant that serves breakfast all day.  Yesterday we went down to Yuma which is about a one and a half hour drive.  We visited Earl and Sharon who we originally met in Cluxewe Campsite on northern Vancouver Island.  They were responsible for us buying the motor home from Sharon’s sister.  They’ve been wintering in Yuma for years.  We had a nice lunch in a pub then did a bit of shopping before heading home in time for supper.  It was quite windy all day, but worse down south.
I bought a couple of electric blinds for blocking the sun when we’re driving the motor home and Jim has kindly been installing them.  I’ve made a couple of other small purchases here during the RV show but so far have kept it down.  We’ve had quite a bit of cloud, lots of wind including dust and a small shower since arriving in Quartzsite but the weather is forecast to get much better over the next few days.  Today was really nice.

A little wildflower we saw on our trip to Bouse

There were a lot of these trees blooming along the Gila River just north of Yuma.  There were a bunch of bee hives located close by.

Broccoli and lettuce fields along the road side just north of Yuma

That would be the old highway bridge in the background