Thursday, October 17, 2013


We crossed the border as planned on Tuesday morning and it was a very pleasant crossing.  The chap we spoke with was most cheerful and polite.  He turned us over to a lady who was also very cheerful.  She came aboard and looked in some of the cupboards and the fridge checking for things not permitted and enjoyed meeting Mitzy.   After telling us how she wished she was going with us, she sent us on our way.   Aileen had sent any questionable items home with friend Bev this morning before we left Penticton.  Imagine our surprise when Aileen went in the fridge to try to find something for lunch and there was the bag of veggies that were supposed to have gone with Bev!  Right on!  We got to have veggies for lunch after all.  Don’t know how the inspector lady missed them as they were front and center in the fridge.
We only went as far as Omak the first day and spent the night at Walmart.  We’d gone in and stocked up on groceries in the afternoon on arrival.  I turned on our American cell phones and one of them wouldn’t work so I took it in to the wireless guys to see if they could figure out the problem.  The voice mail kept asking me to leave a message on my own machine over and over.  There was no way it would let me in to the voice mail section to do anything either.  By the time the tech got finished, it wouldn’t even connect to the phone system.  Since it was a $10 phone, I decided to just buy a new one.  I splurged and got a flip phone so I don’t accidentally hit any buttons and have it beeping in my pocket.  It cost a whole $20.  I was able to transfer my old number and all my minutes over so that was all it cost.
We left Omak yesterday morning heading for Corbett, just east of Portland where we are in Crown Point RV Park.  It was a long drive for us as it pretty much took us from 9-5 to drive it.  With our Passport America membership, full hookups including a nice laundry and showers is costing $15 per night.  We spent much of today exploring some of the beautiful waterfalls of the Columbia Gorge.  By the time we were done, Mitzy was pooped.  Actually, we were too.
We came back to the motor home to rest up.  While Aileen napped, I downloaded today’s photos and edited a few.  To celebrate the great day we had, we went into Gresham for supper at the Outback Steakhouse.  They had a gluten free menu and one of the cooks is celiac so we’re hoping Aileen’s supper turns out fine.

I think we’ll move a little further down the road tomorrow but first we have to back track about 70 miles to The Dalles to hook onto #197 which will take us to #97 south.   We’re thinking of trying to get down near LaPine, OR.  Since we’ll be in higher country for the next several days, we’ll likely keep moving.  When we get to warmer, but not too warm, country, we’ll slow the pace and explore some of the side roads.

Elowah Falls

Multnomah Falls upper and lower

Upper Mulnomah from the bridge

Horsetail Falls

Ponytail Falls

Shepperd's Dell