Sunday, August 4, 2013


Aileen and friend Karen in Penticton were trying to plan a surprise 65th birthday party for our mutual friend Bev.  It was decided I could do my post the other day as long as I didn’t jeopardize the plan, hence the title of my last post.  However, when Bev went to take her Mom for a ride Friday morning, Pearl asked to go see Karen’s grand dogs.  Well, as soon as they turned in the driveway, there’s our motor home front and center!  Game over!  Everyone had a good laugh and we did have a nice birthday supper here at Karen and George’s Saturday evening.  Aileen marinated a couple of pork loins supplied by Karen and George; I grilled them.  Karen did the veggies while Aileen made the dessert.  The wines were a joint effort of Karen, George, Bev and Pearl.
The old Kettle Valley Railroad tracks make for great walking and cycling and the trail crosses just down the block from here so we have used it a bit.  Most of it is away from traffic so rather peaceful.  After breakfast yesterday we headed down Eastside Rd to a farm market we’d been told about.  We checked out a few side roads along the way.  Crossing the highway at Okanagan Falls, we took the Green Lake Rd which was a new one for us.  What a pretty little valley it took us through.  We followed it through to White Lake Rd which brought us back to the highway above OK Falls and not far back to the motor home.

We had thunder and lightning Friday and Saturday so Mitzy has not been a happy camper.  It rained with both as well as some in between so the air is a little fresher after the long dry spell.  The forecast shows another dry spell coming on.  We’re hoping for some clear weather when we head over to the Rockies shortly. 

The bottom end of Okanagan Lake and Penticton waterfront from the KVR Trail

The KVR wanders through vineyards for miles

Looks like a good crop coming on

Looking up Skaha Lake to Penticton which is located on the flat between Skaha and Okanagan Lakes

One of the local marmots we saw in a new subdivision above Skaha Lake

A small vineyard at the end of Green Lake

Green Lake

Flower bed

Artfully arranged old vehicles out in the middle of nowhere