Saturday, January 12, 2013


We continue to be super busy.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day!  So much for having lots of time to do things when you’re retired!  Some days I don’t even get to pick up a book to read.  You’ll notice it’s a while between blog posts too.  I don’t know how some people can post one every single day. 
We went to Florence on Wednesday as planned.  We had a good trip both ways via Phoenix which had lots of traffic but for the most part it’s 55 and 65 mph all the way and we were doing at least that the whole time.  We went to Casa Grande on the way to get a few things and have an early lunch at In and Out Burger.  They are very dependable in preparing gluten free for Aileen.  We met some Caliente friends coming in as we were leaving.
We got busy cleaning and putting the park model in shape when we got home.  We have family of friends using it for a couple weeks.  I did nine loads of laundry Wednesday afternoon and
Thursday morning.  The back of the car was full from our three plus weeks on the desert.  We went to LB’s Mexican Restaurant in Florence for supper Wednesday night and had a good meal.  We visited with some ATV friends who were also having supper there.  I went and visited with the group Thursday morning while they were gathering prior to going on a ride.
Aileen went for her driver’s licence medical at the clinic at our park gate.  The doctor was from Vancouver, BC and he couldn’t understand why she even needed the exam.  The motor vehicle division had suspended Aileen’s licence about ten years ago when her MS was acting up and after five years it improved to the point where she was able to pass a medical and regain her driving privileges.  They said then she would have to have a follow up medical so this was it.
As soon as she left the doctor’s office, we hit the road back to Quartzsite arriving before dark and in time for supper.  
I’ve been out a few times looking for geocaches but only one day that I took a lunch and covered lots of ground.  I did get into some interesting country and mostly was by myself.  There are lots of neat trails around here.  I hope to explore many more before we leave around the end of the month.

One day when Jim and I were out caching

I was surprised to see this regal old home in Quartzsite.  I haven't found out any history on it yet.

The Quartzsite Golf Course

I was amazed how busy it was

There's a cache just where the road disappears over the hill

ATV trail

Geocache guardian!!

Scorpion in defensive pattern

My very peaceful lunch spot. If you click on the image to enlarge it you can see Quartzsite in the far distance.

I saw several of these little lizards