Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Ida Lake at its finest

Our spot at Ida Lake

Monday morning at Ida Lake

The little island in Ida Lake

Two year old Danika liked the rain

The soggy Saturday night

Anne's lighthouse

We went out to Ida Lake last Wednesday evening and spent five nights.  We had the campsite to nearly just our family.  Only one other unit was there the whole time and they were only there at night.  There were two other units that came for short stays.  John and Anne and their son Dennis and April moved their trailers out Wednesday as well but only John slept there Wednesday and Thursday nights.  Anne, Dennis and April all had to work so they came out for the Wednesday and Thursday evenings then went home to sleep.  On Thursday their older son Mike and Shaunee came from Port Alberni with their trailer for four nights.
Our weather started out great but on Saturday it poured all day.  We had another leak in our bedroom so the carpet at the rear of the motor home was soaked again.  I tried but didn’t find where the water was entering the unit.  I suspect the backup camera might be the trouble spot but it seemed tight.  The water seems to start almost centered across the back then spreads each way, which to me indicated it is coming down inside the wall and leaking in from the bottom.  We plan to get the motor home pressure tested at our first opportunity to see if we can find and repair the problem before it gets worse.  In all the rain we’ve had, this is only the second time it leaked.  I don’t know if our angle to the rain or how our leveling affects the issue.
John and I got out several times on our ATVs.  We went to the overview up Kaikash where we could look down on Johnstone Strait and the Broughton Archipelago.  We got to see it clear for a few minutes then the fog and rain rolled through and closed off the view for a while.  We got very cold riding home in the rain that trip.  John and I went for a full pickup load of firewood the first night and we used it all up with the cool wet weather.
Yesterday, our last day at Ida, the sun came back out and it was a gorgeous day.  John and I took a couple of his grandkids on the quads for a ride up to the Ida overlook where we could see for miles and it was nice warm riding.  I took Mitzy in the box on the front of the ATV and she enjoyed the outing.  On Friday, John and I each took one of his other grandkids aged two and four for an ATV ride up the hill too.  On yet another trip we took John’s daughter in law Shaunee riding and I got her driving mine for a little way.  One evening we took Mike along looking for game but we only saw two Whiskey Jacks (grey jay).
We had some great communal meals over the time we were there although some of the suppers were quite late, having to wait for the workers to show up.  Dennis works in Port Hardy so that is one and a half hours away then he had to go into Port McNeill to collect April and Anne. Dennis was the only one who had to work Saturday. 
With the clouds and rain, I dug out the little Honda generator we bought two years ago and ran it for three or four hours Saturday and Sunday to boost the batteries since the solar panels weren’t getting enough light.  Since we had tall trees blocking much of the sky, the number of available charging hours was quite restricted.  Mitzy and I did quite a bit of walking during the stay.  

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