Monday, June 6, 2011


 Getting ready to pour cement

Footings are done

 I cleaned out the storage locker on Thursday and swept it as well.  I jammed the last stuff into our shed including the two rockers.  I put silicone in my 45 degree trim cuts so they look a little better and locked the shed door.  Aileen made the time to cut my hair and that felt much better as it was getting long again.
Aileen’s cousin Bill Van B from Campbell River arrived in time to have lunch but only stayed a couple hours.  From here he was heading up Hwy 5.  I took him over to see our shed when I picked up the laundry.   Bill and Del stopped by just before Bill Van B to invite us to join them for supper Saturday night in Sicamous to celebrate their 57th anniversary.  Bev stopped by just before supper as she had been to Canadian Tire.
We went to Vernon on Friday.  First stop was the Access BC Center for Aileen to renew her driver’s licence.  No problem so she was pleased.   I dropped her at Pennington’s and went to Walmart for a couple things for Bev.  We went to Temptasian for lunch and Aileen enjoyed her gluten free curry stirfry.   Aileen picked up her face creams at the Bay then we headed homeward. 
We went via Deep Creek, picking up 5 pounds of asparagus at the farm for $2.50 per pound.  We stopped at the SPCA so Aileen could do Reiki on the dog which she has done several times.  Bev had the dog home for the three days she had off.  Jacquie called to say Jim had made us a parking spot so we decided to head out that night.
Aileen went to Bev’s for her planned Epson salt bath while I took the motor home for propane and a wash to get the tree sap off.  I dumped the tanks then took Mitzy for another walk.  On the walk before supper, I was talking to Peter Page as he was picking up his wife at Piccadilly Care.  He invited us to park in his field anytime, just contact him and he would give us a key.
Jim had made us a nice level spot to park and we are higher up than before.  The driver’s side needed ramping up so the step is nice and low.  Jim packed our patio boards over too so it will keep the mud away if it rains.   The mosquitos are back again.   It is nice having our big slide out again after a week of keeping it in.  Aileen was getting pretty tired of the mall while I thought it was great as I could wander into the mall and everything was close by.
On Saturday I helped Jim squaring up the shop layout for a bit.  I had sat in the sun a couple times, looked through pictures for suitable Fall Fair entries and other general puttering.  I had to have a shower before going to Haviland’s.  We met at Bill’s and visited for awhile with drinks and appies.  Del’s 90 something year old buddy, Joyce, and Haviland’s daughter Jan were also in the group.   After that, we drove to Sicamous for supper at the Anchor Pub.  The food was fairly good and we sat outside.  There was live music for us for part of the time – two guys on guitars with some vocal thrown in.
Sunday morning  I dug around in storage and found the Salo Rd pic which I dropped off for Jan on the way home.  I was going to turf it the other day then thought maybe Jan and Neil would like it.  I also grabbed some off colour matboard to glue my Fair entries on.
I got some groceries at Askew’s then took Mitzy for a walk at the waterfront.   Aileen came after church and we had our lunch there.  I headed homeward after.    Aileen went to Bev’s to do Reiki on the little dog then she was home for a nap.
I printed several pictures suitable for entry in our local Fair.  I put in photo magenta and photo cyan inks from 123 Ink (which I had ordered online) and my colours went really wonky;  I wrecked three 13x19!  Fortunately I had one each in Canon brand and when I put them in the colour came correct again.  What a rip off!  Suckered again.
I cleaned the outside windows and what an easier job it is with Aileen’s homemade concoction.  There’s no streaking or grime and just one pass and it’s clean.  Clarence and Grace came to Jordan’s after supper and we all played Mexican Train.  Jacquie won followed by Jim, me, Aileen, Grace and Clarence. 
I printed one more Fair picture this morning then cut mat board for backing and used two sided tape to attach the pictures.  I was working away when all of a sudden the pumper truck showed up and I hadn’t had lunch yet.  Fortunately the cement truck didn’t arrive until the scheduled 1 pm so I had time to eat and finish my mounting.   Aileen arrived just before one.  She’d been for a treatment and a few things in town.
I helped with the pour and tidying up after.  Those pumpers sure make short work of pouring concrete.  Jim said we did 135 feet of footings.  I puttered at various things the rest of the afternoon.  We tried using the air conditioner but they wouldn’t start.  I guess too long a cord.  I filled out the Fall Fair entry form and emailed 123 Ink requesting a full refund.
Bev and her two pups came for a visit tonight.