Tuesday, February 7, 2023


 A few feathered critters from the past couple of days. They are all within one kilometer of my house.

Dark-eyed Junco, while not a raptor, is raptor food.

Peregrine Falcon also called Duck Hawk since ducks are high on his menu.  They are the fastest bird and animal in the world reaching speeds over 320 kms per hour (200 mph) when diving at their prey.  The high speed dive is called the stoop and they strike the prey with clenched talons which kills by impact.  I got this very far away photo under the cliffs of McIntyre Bluff.  I believe this is the elusive bird we've been trying to get a photo of when we hear them soaring under the bluffs making a loud high pitched keening sound.  They've always been too far away and moving too fast for capturing with the camera.

This Bald Eagle was in a dead tree beside the gas station along the river.

Sharp-shinned Hawk on my walk this morning

Trumpeter Swans Aileen pointed out to me on our walk this morning

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