Saturday, August 13, 2022


I guess I'm suffering from the summertime blahs but I have been lazy about photo editing and the blog.  We have been busy nonetheless.  We took the motorhome to Salmon Arm August 4 and parked at Jacquie and Jim's.   We managed to visit a few friends while there and took care of some business.  Bev flew in for a week and we picked her up at the airport in Kelowna so we got a visit that way.  She joined us Tuesday morning on our walk for another visit.  We went to Jack and Diana's with Jacquie and Jim to pick raspberries and enjoyed catching up with J&D after several years.  For those not in the know, Jacquie and Diana are my Mom's much younger sisters.

We had to cut our trip short and get home for the air conditioner repairman who was coming Wednesday morning.   It turned out to be a leak in the furnace room that depleted the refrigerant causing the A/C to fail.  He recharged the system but because he didn't have all the parts, he'll return next Tuesday to complete the repair.  Below are a few photos taken in Salmon Arm.

Moving along at a snail's pace

Old viewing platform by Christmas Island

An otter with a fine coat

We saw a pelican

Scruffy sparrow

No photos please

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