Sunday, August 28, 2022


Back after missing a couple years due to the pandemic this epic race starts and finishes in Penticton.  The bike part of the race happens to go right past us.  While I was on my walk this morning I saw lots of bikes so took a few photos at various times.  I believe they limited entries to 2,000 people.  The race starts with a 3.8km swim in Okanagan Lake followed by a 180 km bike ride then a 42.2 km run.  Sounds pretty brutal but they had a perfect day for it as it was 12C this morning and only got up to about 27C this afternoon.  As you'll see in the photos, not all the entrants are young and fit.

The patch on her leg says she's a member of the Golden Gate Triathlon Club which I presume refers to San Francisco.

Our Deer Park cheering section


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