Saturday, February 27, 2021



Our time continues to pass by with mostly same old, same old with the odd high spot once in a while.  It would be nice to get this pandemic over and done with!  I spend too much time at the computer these days playing with photos.  However, some of the results are quite satisfying.  I’ve done quite a few photos converted to pencil sketch look-a-likes in the computer.  Some of them print up very well on mat photo paper so I’ve been making some photo cards from them.

I’ve been posting photos daily to Facebook, sharing with my friends but have finally used up all the old photos I’ve recently edited.  I’ve taken a couple of road trips in the last couple of weeks.  The first was a loop down to Osoyoos then over to Keremeos and back to Penticton.  I explored several back roads I hadn’t been on before which is always fun and sometimes very rewarding photographically.  The second was a run up to Salmon Arm this past Monday for our mail.  First mail since January 6 and there were five Christmas cards and the start of our income tax receipts and statements.

Our house should have come off the production line at the factory yesterday and is scheduled to be delivered to the lot on March 15.  They have told us to expect another six weeks before it is ready for us to move in.  Then the real fun begins…

Gardening season is about to start for us.  I unloaded the RZR off the utility trailer then Karen and I went to Garden Works and filled the trailer with bags of sea soil, soil enhancer, steer manure and more.  We are going to rejuvenate her raised garden beds and plant some more blueberries in another spot.  A friend came yesterday and pruned the fruit trees.  The gardening duties will keep us busy until moving time now.

The bluffs above Vaseux Lake

The is the barn built in 1916 on the Haynes Ranch near Osoyoos, BC which is still in pretty good condition.

This old Haynes Ranch house was built back in the 1870's, I think.  John Haynes established the ranch in 1860 and at one time owned 22,000 acres.

Bighorn Sheep above Vaseux Lake

Ice on the bluffs above Vaseux Lake

On Vaseux Lake

Winter in the vineyards and orchards on the South Okanagan Valley

This nice Bighorn ram was across the lake from Kelowna on my Monday road trip

Cold weather and stiff winds created come masterpieces along the east shore of Skaha Lake just south of Penticton, BC.

Here's a self portrait on me that I converted to a pencil sketch in the computer

The ice is starting to melt in Penticton Creek

On our walk after supper last night.  If you look closely you can see Aileen in the upper left.

By the time we got home, it was mostly melted but it sure came down for a few minutes!

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  1. Beautiful Pictures John.
    Our area is basically flat with little wildlife.
    We're all looking forward to Spring.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the gardening.

    It's about time.