Saturday, January 30, 2021



We made a couple trips up past Apex Mtn Ski Hill to try out Aileen’s new snowshoes.  I have had a pair for quite a while but haven’t used them since we started going south in 2008.  The first time we parked where friends had mentioned there were some trails.  Being off on our own is more our style so yesterday we found a new spot that was very much our own.  We had our lunch in the car and one vehicle went by while we ate.  From that time until we returned to the car, we never heard another manmade sound, not even an airplane.  Just perfect!  It was -5C, sunny and no wind so perfect again.

One day after lunch needing to get out of the apartment for some fresh air, I walked up to the dam on Penticton Creek and the ice was rather nice.  I will shop at the IGA store which is walking distance during the day since it usually is fairly quiet but for the bigger stores, I shop late in the evening close to closing time.  Often I will be the only one checking out and the aisles are mostly empty of people.

Our bubble is still just Bev and Karen and we get together once in a while.  We have taught them how to play Mexican Train which has provided us with some fun times.  We will teach them another game next time.

Penticton Creek

Penticton Creek

Penticton Creek

Penticton Creek Dam

Aileen and the owl

In Karen's orchid room


Aileen and myself

Dropping down into the fog zone on the drive home

Frost on the moss

Frost and snow on the trees


  1. More wonderful pictures while you keep yourselves busy.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We're to enjoy ourselves even though we aren't where we would rather be. Thanks for commenting.