Sunday, December 13, 2020



Winter keeps taking a run at us but so far isn’t really getting a foothold.  We get a dusting of snow and it disappears fairly quickly.  We had a couple days of respite from the wind but it is back again.  Last night it was so nasty we cut our walk short and went for a drive to look at Christmas lights. 

We’ve been shelling walnuts for several days and finally completed it today.  Our friend Karen has three walnut trees and most people have had their fill over the years so I didn’t have much competition when I was gathering them.  I wandered around under the trees for several days picking them up then spreading them out in beer flat boxes in the storage container so they could dry.  We ended up with 8.9 pounds of finished product which translates to about 30 pounds of dry walnuts in the shell.  Aileen uses walnuts in her homemade granola and gluten free breads.  I’m not fond of them myself.

Two of my Facebook friends recently posted a photo of an old Ford truck and I just happened to know where it was taken since it is only 23 kms (14 miles) from here.  I thought it might be neat to show them some photos taken in the snow.  Since it is higher elevation than here and the fact that I can look across town and up the valley toward it, I knew there would be snow.  So that was my mission yesterday morning.  I always find it neat when somebody from a long distance away posts a photo and I’m able to say that I have been there and I know exactly where it is. 

With all the hoopla about Covid and the new orders to limit visiting, Aileen and I are having Christmas dinner on our own this year.  I went and bought us a nice turkey.  I also found our electric roaster in storage for cooking it.  We’ll be just fine.

With lots of time on my hands I’ve been going through my old photos that are stored on external hard drives and retrieving a few that I hadn’t edited before.  I’ve been sharing them on various platforms to give some entertainment to others with time to spare.  It’s one way to combat boredom.  The majority have been going onto Facebook so if you’re on Facebook but not a friend of mine, you should be able to search for John Pickard and find me.  Others (old family photos) I’ve been sharing with a Facebook page that is for my cousins and me that someone else started.

Spotted this horse in a sheltered spot on my drive yesterday

An old building and I got photobombed by a couple horses, you might have to look closely to spot them.  You did click on the photo, right?

As we were returning from our evening walk a couple of nights ago, these racoons crossed in front of us.  I'm holding a flashlight and the phone in the same hand.

Along on my drive yesterday the sun came out for a bit

Old timer

Fordson tractor and Ford truck

On our drive last night to look at the lights.  This is the SS Sicamous the last sternwheeler to run on Okanagan Lake.  It is 200.5 feet long and is now a museum on the beach at Penticton.

Spotted Mr Bones on my walk this afternoon

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  1. Always nice looking back at old photos to bring back memories.
    Great Photos as always especially with the horses.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the season.

    It's about time.