Monday, September 14, 2020


It feels like we are mostly just spending our time waiting.  We have very heavy smoke in all of southern BC so there is no sunshine.  The coastal areas have some rain forecast today but none in our forecast until perhaps Friday where I see the possibility of a thunderstorm.  The smoke makes the idea of pleasure travel or outings unpleasant so we are mostly sitting still.  Road trips or RV travel are on hold.

Things are progressing at a snail’s pace on our house.  We do have the basis of a successful house plan but it still needs tweaking.  Since the builder is very busy, it takes time to make changes on the plan.  We are trying to remain patient.  When the weather turns colder we will be winterizing the motorhome and moving into our friend Bev M’s apartment while she moves in with Karen.  Bev and Karen have lived together off and on over the last few years and travel together so they are looking forward to the arrangement.  Not so sure about Aileen and myself as neither of us have ever lived in an apartment, but at least we will be warmer.

We are renting a portable storage container which we will place here at Karen’s.  This will allow us to get some of our belongings from our storage shed at Bev and Kev’s before the fall rains make it too difficult to access.  Our shed is up a hill behind their house and it gets very muddy in the rain.  This should be quite exciting as most of the storage items in boxes, at least, we haven’t seen in twelve years.  I’m sure there will be lots to dispose of since our lives have changed so much in that time.  I certainly won’t be using all my backpacking equipment as that is not on my horizon.  That ship has sailed.  It will be an experience, I’m sure!

Aileen and Karen are continuing to can with peach jam and pickled beets being the most recent.  Pears will be next and then we should be out of jars and that will be the end of this year’s canning.

The water lily under the sprinkler

Fall Mums

Egg Plant


More roses

Lady Bug on Milkweed

Dipping water from Skaha Lake for fire fighting

Going over me but I didn't get wet!



  1. Hello John and Aileen,
    Do you two have to stay in Canada this Winter? I hope you can travel(in the states) I have never commented, but I enjoy all the wonderful pictures you take! Take care, Rawn Stone

  2. It certainly isn't looking very positive for us to travel south this year. Bummer!