Tuesday, September 1, 2020


 September already!  This has been the year that wasn't for me.  Still hunkered down trying to stay out of trouble.

On our many trips past Kelowna this year we've been looking at this large field of flowers wondering what they could be.  With high speed traffic and no shoulder to pull off on, we decided to plan ahead.  We found a spot to pull over and I walked up to a vantage point and  used my super zoom camera to check it out.

It turned out to be Echinacea 

On this day, we did 99 pints of peaches and three batches of peach jam.  Karen's kitchen was great to work in.

Fall Mums

Sidney helping Karen separate leeks prior to planting

Eggplant is hard to photograph so I used the selfie feature on my phone

A frame from a video I shot from across the lake from the fire, several miles away.

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  1. Still taking great pictures. Glad you are still keeping Safe.

    It's about time.